December 2009 Marlene in the lazy river.  I was worried about getting the camera wet as there were a  lot of kids in also. Another view of the lazy river Marlene at the entrance to the lazy river One of the local birds Today is Pearl Harbor Day or the day our young men in 1941 gave their lives for their country.  Today we honor them and the men and women who fought to insure our freedom.  Thanks you, the Greatest Generation. RC plane hanging in store Picture of the $6000 surf board in middle Marlene with Atlantic in background Gordon with Atlantic in background Beach looking north Beach looking south Sandpiper on beach with wave coming in Cruise ship at dock Marlene in the lazy river. Marlene walking by the lazy river. On of the water foul on the edge of the pond by the lazy river. We took a day trip over to the coast around the Kennedy Space Center.  As they will now not allow digital cameras  we didn’t go through it again as we had been one before. We did go into Ron Jon’s surf shop and look around.  Anyone for a $6000 surf board? Marlene, Shelley and Troy enjoying the great Christmas Eve Dinner at Mary Alyce’s house. David’s yard as we were going into the house Alyssa’s nerd gun.  A big hit Kennedy and a ring she had gotten Alyssa with  another present Our home at Purcell Lake Campground on Christmas Day. December 26, 2009.  We didn’t get out until late to go to walmart to get medications. Then about 5 pm we went to Wayne to have dinner with Troy, Shelley and his family. Shelley fixing a great prime roast dinner with all the trimmings. Marlene setting by the goody table. Sitting down for the great dinner