March 2010 Some of the many Sand Hill Cranes  that we have scene flying over.  Wilcox is the wintering area for them. We must have seen thousands.
Looking out our living room window Looking west Telephoto looking out the living room Our PU and trailer looking south Our location on Lake Travis. site 80 at  La Hacienda RV Park Ken’s boat the Phase 10 Ken, Bill and I were in high school together.  This was the first time the 3 of us have gotten together since school. Gordon, Marlene, Ken, Judy, Bill and Sue on Ken’s boat just before we left for the airport. tr March 24, 2010.  More sight seeing.  Barbara has really been showing us the sights of the TX hill country This is one of the best local BBQ places in Llano, TX.  We have eaten in some good places the last few days but  this has to be one of the best. They give you a sheet of butcher paper which is used as a plate. The place was really busy when we were their.  Very informal. Court house in Llano, TX This eagle nest has been  occupied for at least 3 years. We didn’t see the eagles.  Guess they were off hunting. Their is a nice book on it in their library with pictures taken over the last three years. Texas blue bonets and cactus.  I do not believe AZ has this many prickle pear cactas. The Antlers hotel which is now a B&B You can stay in their caboose A red bud tree next to the Antlers B & B March 28, 2010 to March 31, 2010.  Hanging out with the kids.