April 2012 Some of the grounds at the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, GA. www.tellusmuseum.org Tellus is a world-class 120,000 sq foot science meseum located off I-75 at exit 293 in Cartersville, GA just 30 miles northof Atlanta. It has 4 main galleries:  Weinman mineral Gallery, Fossil Gallery,  Science in Motion and Collins family My Big Backyard. Some of the exhibits  going into the Museum.  That is one huge dump truck.
April 5, 2012.  As it was cloudy we stayed in and played on the computers and watched TV.  We didn’t get any rain until about 6 or so. April 6, 2012.  It was cloudy  most of the day.  The sun did come out about 3:20.  Temperature was only 68º today.  We will leave a little before 6 PM to head to the Methodist Church in Kennesaw that Norman is preaching at for Friday services. We then went to the Marksbury Farm Market.  I bought a can of chocolate covered peanuts for Marlene. It is a small scale, locally owned, Butchers Shop, Farm Market and Processing Facility.  The Bluebird Cafe buys a lot of what they serve there.    www.marksburyfarm.com Today there were  3 eggs that had hatched.  Mom was on the nest when we arrived back in Dansville. but flew off immediately when we got out of the car. We stopped at the Distillery but missed the last tour by 10 minutes.  We looked around and had a  sample of the Whiskey. Display of the whiskey April 15, 2012.  We went with Neva to church this morning.  Then we came back to the house.  My computer wifi is still working.   I did not take pictures of the Robin’s nest. Here the Robin is sitting on the nest.  She must have stayed 10 minutes or more. If you look carefully you can see both parents on the nest. Here she is feeding one of the chicks.  Two mouths are visible. After reading the brochure about the cave I decided against taking one of the walks.  Tomorrow we will leave and head to Moutardier Campground which is on Nolin Lake and only about 20 miles from here. Kaitlynn Douglas was our tour guide and was quite knowledgeable.  She was a collage student working there part time.  One thing that we learned was that thoroughbreds could not be artificial inseminated.  It is against the law. Home at Moutadier Campground on Nolin Lake, KY View of small sight and the lake The plant where the Corvettes are made The Corvette Museum look from the cafe The 1953 Corvette.  The one that started it all. One of the exhibits in the Museum