Squirrel eating a horse apple Other common names are osage-orange, Horse apple Bow Wood, Hedge Apple,Bodark, Yellow wood, Naranjo Chino  Bois D Arc is native to OK Another shot of another squirrel eating a horse apple. August 2011 August 3, 2011.  We were told last night by Ranger Melody that they were going to drain Little Niagara and Panther Falls.  I got up early and took a walk to Buffalo Springs and Antelope Springs to take pictures. Picture was taken about 7 am of Antelope Springs.  It has been dry over a month Picture taken in 2000 I do not have a picture of previous trips to’ show what it looks like flowing Panther falls after drain was pulled.  The water level had gotten down to the drain hole The pond looking from Antelope Springs Little Niagara in 2000 Little Niagara before plug pulled this morning
Another look at Bear Falls.  I did see a large turtle going down stream on the  little stream at the right of the picture.