Class on making a windmill out of aluminum cans Jerry explaining how to Make windmill out of Aluminum cans.  At least 40 people were at the Class. Close up of the Aluminum can windmills Jerry holding up on of the windmills Jerry had made a number of hole Punches for the class to use. People punching holes in the cans.  A hole is punched in the middle of the can.  Then two more holes are punched on either side of the center hole.  Then the two holes  just punched are made into a small oval. Marking the can getting ready for the cuts to be made Trimming the top of the can so the cuts can be made. After the cuts made and the tabs folded out. It takes 2 cans to made one  windmill.  After the 2 cans have  been cut and folded back the two are put together.  About a 1/8 in fold is made on each of the vanes. then the two vanes are but together one at a time to form the vanes of the windmill. The windmill nearing completion. The finished product.  They can be put together to make a chain of them hanging.  It seems that everybody enjoyed the class. As we are near the Barry Goldwater firing range we had a lot of the planes flying over making their practice runs. They are noisy but nice to know that they are ours.