February  2010 Some of the activities planned for this week. Loyal sitting by the board and the the wood pile. Marlene visiting with some of the boon dockers
Some of the better road on our trip We made a nr of stops to let all 12 vehicles catch up with us Some of the scenery on our trip Our first stop was at the site of the 1st  Boondockers rendezvous Another view of the 1st rendezvous Stopping at the Organ Pipe pay post.  Loyal  getting our ticket Our second stop was at Bates  Well. A stop at  Gray’s home stead. Sign telling a little about Henry Gray Another stop at another well Our stop at the Mexican border It was also our stop for lunch The Mexican border.  To the left you can see Hi way 2 in Mexico.  It had a lot of traffic. A bunch of us walked about a ¼ mile to a pond where we had lunch. It had a few ducks on it. One of the border signs which was  about 3 ft behind the fence. A Border Patrol vehicle coming towards us.  He stopped to talk to us and also told us that we were not suppose to be there that the road was  closed. Port of entry going into Mexico which was about 2 miles from us. February 9, 2010.  We woke up to rain this morning.  We got .43 inch.  By 2 pm the rain had stopped  but was cloudy the rest of the day and also a little cool.  No one showed up for happy hour. At the start of the garage sale.  A lot of people showed up.  Rod had the most stuff and sold a lot Some our group getting set up for the picnic on  Childs Mt. February 14, 2010.  Happy Valentines Day!  We went to church then went to Bamboo Village(Chinese) for lunch. Another pot luck for dinner at 4 pm.  About 50 showed up for the pot luck.  As usual it was very good. February 15, 2010.  8 of us in 3 vechicles left camp about 9:30 heading for a 4 wheel drive in the desert. What is left of a platform to catch due water which drained into the pit. A little of the road we went on A old windmill at one of the old homesteads we went to February 23, 2010.  We walked over to visit with David, datastorm user # 8712.  It is nice and sunny today but still a little windy. February 28.  We went into Willcox to attend church where we heard a good sermon and the people were friendly..   The temp had dropped 5 degrees and was raining by the time we got out.  So we came back to the trailer and  stayed in.