January 2010 January 13, 2010.  Another beautiful day.  I finished putting stuff back in the cargo bay and sat outside enjoying the sun and scenery rigs came in while I was sitting out side. There were 16 campers, cars and PU’s lined up to get gas.  The picture to the right was getting propane.  Lone line here also.  This is Super Fuels in Yuma.  www.superfuels.net Our home on Ogliby Road in CA. about 15 miles west of Yuma, AZ January 17, 2010.  We went into Yuma to attend church then went to the Olive Garden for dinner.  After eating too much again we drove to the rest stop on I-10 and the sand dunes.  As this was a holiday weekend there were a lot there. Another camping site just off I-8
January 27, 2010.  We went for a short walk then fixed dinner.  While I was grilling I saw a hawk flying over head.  Got a few good pictures  of it.  I tried to take some picture of the hummingbird and managed to get a couple that were good. The Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area is managed by the BLM.  A permit is required. Season is $120. Weekly is $40. although you can buy them before you arrive for $90 and $25. One of the  camping sites next to the dunes.