June 2010 Restaurant in Sulphur.       Entrance to Cold Springs CG. David and Kennedy getting off the motorcycle with Marlene looking on.
June 17, 2010.  We had 23 campers last night.  All had paid their their fee.  4 were scheduled to leave today. I did some trash pickup and answered a few questions.  Making the rounds tonight we had 32 campers.  Got up to 96 today here in the park. This is me, David, Steve and cameron.  4 generations Soni, Bill, Sue, David, Cameron and Jessica, and Kennedy Marlene, Steve and Shelley fixing burgers Alyssa, Steve, Soni, David, Cameron and Jessica reviewing  Jessica’s pictures of Cameron There were 2 old worn out chairs.  1 55 gal bag of trash cardboard boxes, old tarp, and a tent which had a lot of plastic stakes in it and a lot of other trash.  Litter was all over the camp site. My cart with all of the garbage that I picked up from site 46 This afternoon we drove over to Rock Creek Campground to see the host.  They were not home.  We then drove around the park to Little Niagara which is the most popular swimming hole.  A lot of people were their. Little Niagara.  More people were picnicking than swimming at the time we were here.