November 2010 The is the picture as we were driving across the bridge.  You can see the 4 ft high concrete wall which kept us from seeing anything. This is the end of the zip trip you can take from the top of antenna hill for $150.  We didn’t take the trip. Looking at Las Vegas from antenna hill.  From this vantage point we can really see.  Las Vegas is about 40 miles away. Looking down on Boulder City You can see some of the bike paths that bikers can take.  The mountains were full of bike trails.
Two of the balloons.  I couln’t get all 4 in one pictures One of the airplanes which flew right over me. One plane and a balloon getting ready to land One of the balloons There was a little color in some of the leaves.  This is lee in the background of one of the red rock cliffs. Some of the red rock formations. A few of the many pictures we took. November 12, 2010.  Marlene fixed breakfast again and we ate and visited.  Lee and Margo left about 9:30 heading back to Boulder City. I spent time getting the web page up to date. Home on Roosevelt Lake in the Cholla campground View from the road by our campsite.  A lot of brush between us and the lake Another view with a saguaro   in it from the road by our campsite View of the mariana from the visitors center Us enjoying our campfire. We had a great day just talking and being out in the beautiful weather and country Rob’s grandmother and uncle and aunt also joined us. setting around the fire This was taken with 800 asa film speed which makes it a bit grainy but still a good picture. About 1 the sun came out and there was snow on the mountain.  This was looking out my side window in the camper about 7:35 am